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Back Porchin'

A few bits of life lately:

  • Bea & I watch for hummingbirds in our spare time. We kind of love it.
  • We just sold an entire dining room set of vintage furniture. One important step closer to being able to fit BOTH of our cars in the garage!
  • I’m addicted to Project Runway. Once again.
  • Speaking of TV, we came home from vacation a month ago to discover that our cable tv isn’t working anymore, one of those “forced upgrade” situations. UGH. Funny thing is, a month later we really haven’t missed it.
  • Last weekend we put a new sink in our bathroom. It didn’t go well. It ended well, but it did not go well. Specifically in the “caulking” portion of the install. Let’s just say that I was scared for a while there that we’d be doing a full bathroom reno instead of that “great idea” under $150 sink upgrade.
  • I’m on day 139 of my “One Year Bible” reading plan. I especially love the “catch me up” feature that allows me to roll back into the habit of daily reading if I get off track. It’s saved me a few times!
  • Try this: a bagel, cream cheese, a fat slice of tomato, spinach, and roast beef. #Addiction.
  • Our youngest nephew, little Camburger, is going to be ONE in a few weeks! Whaaaat?
  • We’re going to Chicago super soon. What’s your favorite Chicago thing to do?
  • Pumpkin season is creeping up on us, guys. And something tells me this one is going to be especially pumpkin-y, in a good way.
  • I’m going houseplant shopping for work. Chances of the showroom looking like a jungle by the time I’m finished are higher than the boss would care to think.

Because it deserves a frowny face instead of a bullet point, I’ll conclude with the confession that an embarrassing number of hot tamales were consumed during the writing of this post. Before dinner even.

Happy Weekend! Here’s to living up the last(ish) of our hot sunny days! What’s going on with you guys lately?