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Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon? Josh & I have both been to the South Rim, but neither of us had been to the North Rim. He’s good with random facts & informed me that 90-95% of people who visit the GC go to the South Rim. Making us the 5-10%, since this time we went north.

Grand Canyon MapI am still obsessed with the scenery from these drives. Arizona, Utah, Nevada. I mean. On the left below, you can see a wildfire off in the distance. And check out the gnarly tree on the right! It really was gnarly – I’m not just bringing back the 90’s. But I guess you have to be gnarly to survive out there. If you’re a tree.

ArizonaTurns out that driving to the North Rim means ascending in elevation to 9000+ feet. Who’d have thought? And instead of desert-y canyons a la Zion, we spent lots of time driving through Alpine forests.

Grand Canyon Alpine Forest

Grand Canyon Beefalo

We started out the day with a hike down into the canyon. It was pretty much exactly what you’d expect. Straight on down.

Hiking the North RimOur endpoint (but not the endpoint for the guy with the solar panels on his backpack – he was probably watching movies somewhere in the bottom of the canyon that night).

Grand Canyon North Rim HikeSo if you ever hike down into a canyon, the obvious truth is that you get all the good stuff.. And then all the work. And in this case some very thin air. Oh my.

Grand Canyon CactiAfter the hike we did more exploring, which included drives and shorter hikes/walks.

Grand Canyon North Rim

Grand Canyon North RimThis vista, with no crowds in your way? We’ll take that. All day long.

Grand Canyon North RimBuuuuuut we really didn’t have all day because we had to head back to the Vegas area to catch our flight the next morning. That meant driving back out of AZ, through Utah again, and into Nevada. Best. Drive. EVARRRR.

Hey Utah, You're PrettyNaturally after a day of hiking and a 4 hour drive, we were feeling slightly “crusty” by the time we arrived at our sleepy little desert town hotel. Discovering this pool and getting it to ourselves was one of my favorite moments of our entire vacation.

Pool in the DesertThe breeze was blowing and it was over 90 degrees at 9 pm, so we ate supper and then went for a swim. As one does.