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Even though all I’ve done lately is post pictures of canyons out west, just know that I’m trying really hard to not only post pictures of canyons. But since we did go there to see canyons.. It’s kinda hard.

Bryce Canyon National Park is a beaut. The whole red rock thing, the hoodoos, the sweeping landscape, and the part where we didn’t have to hike to see the good stuff? All awesome.

Bryce CanyonThe elevation at Bryce is higher than Zion, so the air is cooler and the trees are different. It’s a little more forest-y. I wasn’t expecting that!

Bryce Canyon TreeThis day was the low-point of the trip for Josh & I as far as our energy level was concerned. I mean there was *no* way I could’ve been hiking. It was more of a “let’s sit in the visitor’s center and watch the nature video” day. So I loved Bryce for being a driving park (if that’s all you want to do). It was just what we needed! And the views were okay, I guess.

Josh at Bryce CanyonI made Josh pull over on the side of the road so I could take wildflower photos. Other people stopped to get a shot of the doe nursing her two babies, I stopped for flowers. But aren’t they pretty?

Bryce Canyon Wildflowers

Bryce Canyon The Utah prairie dog made another appearance. Remember, he’s special.

Bryce CanyonAaaand lastly, a tip for those of you who dream of opening a Bed & Breakfast somewhere someday. If you must pick a different “fun” theme for each room in your inn, please, PLEASE don’t take it too far. If you have guests coming from all over the world to see your neighborhood’s beautiful rock formations, how about you not name a room “Gone Fishin'”. Nobody’s coming here to go fishin’. And they won’t need fishin’ guidebooks splayed around the room. Or creek bed wallpaper. Or fishin’ lure towel hooks. Or large stuffed fish pillows.

B&B FishI rest my case.

And we should probably be thankful that this pic is blurry. Sheesh.