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Hiking in Zion

The Southwest has been calling, guys. For years Josh & I have been wanting to do some exploring there together but haven’t jumped at it because with his vacation time in the summer, it just seemed so.. Hot. I mean who goes to the desert in August?

We finally just decided to go for it this year and sweat it out. We scheduled a lot of driving time into the trip and planned on drinking lots of water. And wearing sunscreen.

These photos are all from Zion National Park, which was maybe my favorite spot. I mean. How can you not love Zion?

Oscar's Cafe

We stayed in Springdale, just outside the park, & our favorite spot in this little town was Oscar’s Cafe. I already miss you, Oscar’s.

Hiking in ZionWe did a couple small-ish hikes during the day, knowing that we wanted to save (my) energy for a sunset hike to a scenic overlook. Although, who am I kidding, every overlook is scenic – probably in the whole state of Utah. Right??

Hiking in ZionOur afternoon hike was pretty toasty hot, so we didn’t push it and took breaks whenever we felt like it. We also stopped at every shuttle station for a fresh look at things.


As Josh knows all too well, no small town experience is complete for me without some shopping. I have forever and always been a huge sucker for Tourist Traps. I actually love them. But this shop (above/below) was even more special – a true antique store with native items from the surrounding area. Also the largest collection of vintage turquoise jewelry I’ve ever seen.


Shopping completed, we got back to the very serious business of hiking.

(if you have trouble viewing this video on your screen, it can also be found here.)

Driving up this winding road (if you look closely below you can see it) & then hiking to this scenic overlook to watch the sun go down? Umm.. Theeeeee best.

Sunset Hike in ZionIt was then that I remembered I can take panoramic shots on my phone… The rest of the trip was one big pano fest.

Zion Pano

WAIT! I almost forgot to show you who we ran into (almost literally) on the path back to the car!

Mountain Goat

I’m pretty sure he startled us more than we startled him. I wish you could see the sheer drop of rock he’s standing on. How do they do that?

We loved the B&B where we stayed in Zion – I mean after a long day of hiking & exploring, who wouldn’t want to come home to this??
Springdale B&BSo. Zion was incredible. Hard to imagine anywhere even coming close to this beauty!