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KC & Zion 014

So, we once again won a trip to the MLS All Stars game (thank you, Josh, for being bizarrely gifted in strategy) and this year it was in Kansas City. Which means we’ve now been to this city twice within a year since Josh was just there for work in the fall. I never really thought I’d be a KC person but I actually really like this city!

We had a disappointing first day of travel (cancelled connecting flight, Delta, you and I are still not speaking) and almost got re-routed back through GR on the way to KC. It was a mess. But even after a long day in airports we managed to make it out to the MLS Louder Than Loud event in the Power and Light District. Basically the big pre-game party and you know we weren’t going to miss it.

Power & Light PartyTurns out it was a concert. Silversun Pickups anyone?

Silversun PickupsWe really just had one day to check out the town, and everyone says, while in KC, eat BBQ. This time it was Bryant’s. To be honest it wasn’t my fave, but I’m no BBQ expert. (It probably has something to do with my deep, abiding love for Jack Stack.)

Bryants BBQI wore my Sporting Kansas City soccer jersey all day & the locals were loving it, which made me feel like I fit in in KC!

MLS All Stars GameThe VIP tent before the game had special food & drinks and stuff. Oh, photo booth too…

Photo Booth

MLS All Stars GameSo the scarf? It’s a soccer thing (if you were wondering why we’d be wearing scarves in 80 degree weather). Errrrrrrrrrrrrybody wears scarves (scarfs?) for these games.

MLS All Stars vs. Roma

MLS All Stars vs. Roma.

Thank You, MLS!KC was goooooood. We went west from there, because why not?

Just to clarify a few things about my team winning the 2013 MLS All Stars trip: Josh and I both spend a lot of time and energy researching our teams for MLS Fantasy, but I never would have learned how to play the game as well as I do without Josh. That’s why my friends that I share this blog with might find it funny that I won. He’s the one who got me excited about it, and when I won this game he did help me make my choices (not against the rules). I’ve been working on my game and although our family talks MLS often, it is my team and my goal is to win. 🙂 We love MLS Fantasy!