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We’re headed out for vacation this morning – YAY – but first I have a few recent photos to dump on you. I lazily combined two posts..

The first few photos are from a day of sailing/windsurfing on Lake Michigan (note the cameo appearance of Dad’s new sails). The second set is from a hangout night at my parent’s house. Have you ever seen a cuter set of sunglasses? (Nope.)


Beach Day

Beach Day

Sailing Both Ways


Mark & Thomas

Jess & Jane

Aunt Zanne & JaneIt’s been a beautiful summer so far, & I’m glad there’s lots of it left. Truth be told, it’s been a summer with some adjustments sneaking in here & there. Mark has been sick (& on the mend), and I’ve been processing changes from being sick this spring. It’s been one of those physical and mental things, which has frustrations as well as big-time blessings. Every day is a gift, guys. We can’t be forgetting that.

And so, today Josh & I are headed on vacation! If you wouldn’t mind praying for good health for us, we could sure use it. Josh has had a random fever/headache bug for days now, not really how anyone wants to start a trip. And I’m doing okay but not feeling my best. You’ve been there, right?

Okay, we’re off! Stay tuned for photos & stories!