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In The GardenSince our veggie garden has been roughly 95% neglected this summer, all I’ve got are some random shots from other places around the yard today. I did actually do some foraging through the wildflowers that have taken over the veggies to discover some tomato and green pepper plants the other day, so that was exciting, but other than that, neglect. It happens.

I usually love snapdragons or nasturtiums (or both) by our front door, but this year went with some little white zinnias with yellow centers. And I’m loving them!

Front PorchDon’t they look happy? I may try these again next year. (I say that every year with whatever’s there. So good luck..)

ZinniasLast spring, my Aunt Barb gave me a couple little potted plants she bought at a church sale. Whatever these are (below) are from that one last year and I don’t know what they are. Some kind of sedum? I like them, they look like succulents or cacti but I don’t think they are. Anyway, I want to grow some over the winter again for next year. They’re super easy & pretty too – even though they don’t flower!


Purple heart. Descendants of the ones I brought home from Austin last spring. Out of someone’s yard.

Purple HeartOur former blueberry patch. And by that I mean wildflowers. Guess what? Blueberries don’t grow in clay. Like, at all.

Wild FlowersI love our summer sunsets! Made even more spectacular by the wires. Right? Riiiiiight.

Summer SunsetsWhat’s going on in your yard this summer?