Mol, did you know that I call you & Brian “Brolly”? Mostly in my head, but I do. 

Here’s a few long-awaited shots from Molly’s wedding day. I can’t believe it’s almost a week ago already!

Echo Salon Weirdly enough, this is my favorite shot from the whole day. Us bridesmaids & the bride had a perfectly easy, relaxing morning at the salon getting ready. Lashes and all. Marley (the little black dog sleeping on the red chair) hung out on Molly’s lap almost the whole time she was getting her hair done. It was love at first sight for those two.

Josh, Me, Mol & BrianI don’t have many photos of the wedding & stuff cause I didn’t have the camera with me for most of the day, but Josh got a few – enough to see how drop dead gorgeous the bride was! I’ve never seen her happier. That’s all you, Brian! Seriously. Adorable.

Jess & MeJess (my sister-in-law) & I were both bridesmaids – and I would be lying if I said we haven’t been joking about wearing matching coral together. I mean. Coral, guys. It’s not easy. But spray tans and airbrushed makeup were invented for just this, am I right?

Side note: Mark (Jess’s husband) is sick & on IV’s right now.. Kinda like where I was at this spring. Please pray for him to recover quickly! His baby girl turns one tomorrow (JANE!!) and it’s no fun to be sick in the summer. Or ever.

Marriage License

So the night before the wedding, Molly’s dress, the marriage license (above), and her rings were all in one room of our house. Thankfully that one room didn’t explode in flames or there would’ve been no wedding.  (No pressure, right Mol?)

Cannonsburg Ski AreaThe reception was at a local ski area. We didn’t go on the lifts but some kids ran up the hill. It was a beautiful, perfect day to get married!

Wedding FlowersCoral, guys. Turns out it makes for stunning photos. Can’t wait to see her photographer’s shots – they’re going to be almost as good as mine! HA. Gosh I hope you read the sarcasm in that.

Josh & I

When it comes to weddings, I’d marry this guy again in a heartbeat.

Congrats, Brian & Molly! We love you guys!