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In The Garden

So the garden. Truth be told, it’s been a little neglected this spring. Not neglected in my heart, just mostly in fact. I mean usually I am the one who in February is choosing which herbs to plant. And if we travel over Spring Break I’m always secretly worried that my seedlings will die without my daily love and attention. This year, it was May before I realized that, nope, seeds just aren’t my thing this season.

Instead of a tidal wave of sadness, regret, or self-hate, I decided to embrace this truth and just go with the things that grow on their own. And a few little pots of pretty things on the porch. Like these orange cosmos from Mom Brandsen.

Orange CosmosI was generously given surprise gifts to my favorite flower store this spring so I sprung for a ย succulent terrarium. I love it & hope it lives all summer! Why did I not do this before?

Back Porch Garden

Poppies in the front yard. For some reason the bunnies aren’t bothering them this year which makes life much easier.


Forge Me NotsThe peonies are just starting. To say that I’m obsessed is an understatement.

PeoniesWe just bought this vintage coffee table at an estate sale, and at that same sale was a cutting of aloe in a jar on the windowsill. I asked the lady if I could buy the aloe too and she gave me a look like, “these weirdos will honestly buy anything.” I felt weird and creepy, and then really happy when she said I could have it. #NoShame. #IThinkThatWasTheFirstHashtagEverOnMyBlog.

AloeRumor has it that we’ll be planting a veggie garden sometime this week. Have you planted yours yet?