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I spent some time with the camera in front of my face on Mother’s Day, which felt a little weird, it’s been so long. But if anything can inspire some photo-taking from me these days, it’s these little Lovies!

Cam is almost eight months old already, and he is the cutest little chub. Okay, not all that little. He has the most precious big face-splitting grin. He’s such a happy boy!

Cam & Aunt SuzanneAnd the rolls. I mean!!!

ChubboUncle Josh & Cam. The kid is already putting up with his uncles messing with him. He has no idea what he’s in for.

Cam & Uncle Josh

Thomas discovered that one of our windows goes from our house out to the back porch. THRILLED. He gave his spinach salad the stink eye at dinner (before eating and enjoying it) and I almost lost it. He makes the best faces.

Back Porch Thomas

And then there’s Jane. My WORD this girl.

She’s almost 11 months and walking. Yup.

Jess & JaneThe very best days are when we get to squeeze all of these little cheeks in one day. My absolute favorite!

Thanks for all of your generous contributions for the CF Walk already! You’re just a big bunch of givers. If there happens to be anyone else who wants to join our team for Saturday morning or make a donation, here’s the link.