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I’m sure you are hoping to hear from Suzanne, but this is a guest post by Josh (Suzanne’s husband). It will have to do for now. I think she will be back on here soon, but it is hard to compose a blog post when you’re not feeling good 🙂

The IV and oral antibiotics have given Suzanne a run for her money the past few weeks. She had a few weeks of bad nausea, but it is slowly getting better… not fully regaining her appetite better, just not throwing up daily better. Her and her mom went to Ann Arbor for a doctor visit a couple weeks ago and we will be going again today. She still has some lung congestion and will probably stay on antibiotics until it clears out. Pray that the antibiotics will be effective in getting the bacteria out of her lungs (especially the new bacteria). I can tell that she has been improving in the past week and hopefully her lungs follow suit! Having CF usually gives Suzanne an extra part time job from doing the breathing treatments, but being on IV antibiotics gives her a full time job (on top of the part time job at the jewelry store)! She has done a great job managing her treatments; I am proud of her for that and the outlook she has. We know that God is in control and we are his children.

Fun Facts from the past few weeks (we all have them when we’re feeling sick):

  • We have played over 100 games of Mille Bornes during meals for distraction
  • Suzanne plays games on her phone when she’s trying not to throw up
  • Our cat has spent an annoying amount of time with Suzanne (the cat thinks they are lovingly sharing time/ blankets with each other on the couch)
  • If Suzanne eats or drinks too much of something when feeling sick, then she may never eat it again (we haven’t bought a sourdough bread loaf in years)
  • Suzanne loves eating Reeses peanut butter cups when feeling sick (that’s a joke… I love Reeses and nothing consistently sounds good to Suzanne, so this is my solution for people wanting to bring her a treat :).
  • We have watched more movies in the past month than the year before; it doesn’t take many though.