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In & out today, guys.. It’s moving day for Mark & Jess! YES. and YES.

First though, Link Love Inspiration!

Sunbeam River Art Print


Have you ever googled “mimetic architecture“?

Oh I remember you, Swatch of the 80’s. Gosh I loved my Swatch.

Moving on to the 90’s, I about spit coffee when I recognized a few of these magazine pages.

More greenhouse shots. But in their defense, they are some of the best.

Woah, cakes!

My beautiful & talented cousin-friend Kara just opened up an Etsy shop . Go. Shop. Buy!

This guy is so incredibly cool.

There’s something about this house that says, “not a wise investment“… Can’t put my finger on why that is, exactly..

Vistas. Good ones.

No, I don’t want to come to your dog’s birthday party, freak...

Okay, I’m leaving it to you guys to sit back, sip your coffee, & relax today. Enjoy!

And, Happy Weekend.