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I am a lifelong library-er. I’ve owned a “book bag” for as long as I can remember, and I am one of those who is still mourning the passing of the “date due” stamp. I’ve never really been one for buying lots of books because although I do read a lot of them, I don’t end up loving most of them. And I just don’t really see the point of owning books that I don’t love. It turns into a waste of money and a waste of space. For the most part anyway.

Houseplant & Gem BooksBut. Every now and then something sneaks past my “do not buy’ wall of resistance and leaves me helpless against the need to “add to cart”. I recently fell for the charms (and by that I mean the cover – yes I do judge) of The Unexpected Houseplant by Tovah Martin. It’s the perfect mid-winter read, and it has already inspired one drive to a local greenhouse.. And a few little purchases. And some re-potting.

Primroses at HorrocksThe houseplants in the book are split into seasonal groupings, which I love. Glad to have this little resource around!

A few months ago I heard of Gem and Stone by Jen Altman and wanted to but didn’t buy it. It disappeared from my memory until somehow, somewhere it popped back up last week. I blame Pinterest.

Gem And StoneIt’s full of pretty photos of lots of different gemstones, and is now headed for the showroom at the jewelry shop. Considering that some of our gem guides hanging around the shop are probably from the 80’s I think it’ll be nice to have around.

I know you guys might not have a special love for houseplants or gemstones, but maybe this will encourage you to do a little reading up on a subject you are interested in.. The perfect thing for these cold winter days!