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This week Mom & I made a triumphant return to the pool. It’s been a while. A long while, really. I mean, Mom was sick forevvver, I had an arthritis flare-up.. Then there were the holidays.. And.. Uh.. Laziness..

So now I know that I would totally fail as a morning swimmer if it weren’t for the accountability that swimming with another person provides. Mom had a legit reason for all of this time off & I totally didn’t. But gosh I loved it. All that sleeping in!

I’m a lazy girl. So thanks, Mom, for motivating me to get up and swim.

Getting up early is sooooo not a weekend thing. Let’s just relax for a while & check out some Link Love…

Gerhard Richter 


I just lost way too much time browsing these beautiful photos by Anna Gawlak.

Greeeeeeeeeeeeen. We never get tired of houseplant shots, do we? (Stick with me, people!)

I went to high school with Lindsey, and reading this about her baby boy made me smile.

This City Hall wedding looks romantic & fun.

Quotable Ralph. Who can I buy this for?

Well isn’t this just the sweetest little valentine.

Sometimes when we stock up on stuff for our Etsy shop, I feel like our car looks like this.

Where’s Momo?

Can we talk about how much we love these photos? Macrame always makes me happy.

Now these are some happy cupcakes.

Ha! Why you don’t want to live in an apartment above an observant neighbor.

Top 5 Festive Events in 2013, according to Time Magazine. Read the comments too – looks like Mr. Kaufman didn’t make any friends in GR.

Okay. I’m gonna sit back, have one more cup of coffee, and get a grip on myself. Lots to do today! What’s on your agenda this weekend?

Hope it’s a good one!