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So I downloaded a few viruses onto my computer this weekend. Dumb. And (since you’re right in assuming I wouldn’t do this on purpose) when I realized what was happening, I got a very, very sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. Watching these weird things flash across the screen, not knowing how to stop it, the works. It was a mess.

Once again, Josh found a way to pick up the pieces & clean off my computer, so all is right with the world. The list of reasons why I love him just keeps getting longer.

While I whisper sweet nothings at my laptop & gaze adoringly at its sparkly clean hard drive (and the rest of you sit there rolling your eyes), let’s check out some Link Love!


A rainbow igloo!

I’ve got to remember this as a good gift idea for next year.. Especially good to go along with undies for our Annual Undie Exchange!

“God is always doing 10,000 things in your life, and you may be aware of three of them.”

The Josh’s of 1967 – hee hee

A tropical houseplant with bifurcated leaves. If you use the words “bifurcated leaves” together in one description, I’m all ears.

All Things Wise and Wonderful.

The best temporary tattoos I’ve seen. Which implies that I’ve seen lots of them, and I really haven’t. But I like these.

Woop! We just listed our most expensive item ever in our etsy shop.

A fascinating article about the world’s tallest trees.. And their itty bitty clones.

10 ideas for adding green plants to your home.

If you buy those temporary tattoos, I am offering to be your friend .. You know, the one who wears a matching tattoo? That’ll be us! Me & you!

Anyway, it’s gonna be a busy one around here today.. What about you? Also, what would you buy your 33-year-old brother for his birthday? If you let me know by 3:30 this afternoon it could end up making a difference. Let the ideas flow, people!

And.. Happy Weekend!