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I’ve had this post sitting in the drafts for a while now – just some Instagrams from November/December. If I can remember that far back, I’ll add captions. Ha.
Late November Instagrams1970’s Herman Miller red sectional sofa, currently for sale in our shop.  <>  Leftovers from my birthday dinner, anyone local will know how good this stuff is even on Day 2.  <>  My 1st eye exam in SIX years. And guess what? My vision actually improved over that time! Is that even possible?  <>  Vintage wrapping paper. I hoard this stuff big time.

Eye Doctor Day

Still dilated. The eye exam.

Early December Instagrams

Formal gardens from an estate sale I went to. Really wish I could’ve toured the grounds!  <>  A customer bought a bunch of our vintage costume jewelry at the (jewelry) shop and she’s decorating picture frames with it.  <>  That estate sale again – at the top of the stairs on the left, a warthog skin is hanging over the balcony.  The zebra skin was just out of the frame on the right. Shoulda bought that one I think. heh.  <>  We’ve done lots of shuffling stuff around the living room the past few months – painting ceilings, etc.. This was in the middle of it.

December Sunset

A beautiful December sunset.

December Instagrams

I wore a circle scarf as a shrug thing to work one day.. And had an awkward time getting my coat on.  <>  Did I mention we brought both of our cars in for repair in early December? Not the best planning we’ve done. So this was me, waiting for my daily ride to work.  <> Undie Exchange Night!  <>  Christmas lights went up in the showroom at work. A little late, but they went up. Actually, they’re still up.


December 14 – the morning I saw a raging house fire downtown. Also the day of the Sandy Hook shootings. It was a heavy, heavy day.

Christmas Instagrams

Pocono Love Potion glasses – not sure where to get my hands on the Love Potion, so wine it is.  <>  Somebody was headed for a very pink Christmas at the jewelry shop!  <>  Packaging is the best Christmas present, if you’re a cat or a toddler.. Right?  <>  My husband, dressing for the occasion – his family’s Christmas party. Be thankful you can’t see the accompanying green shirt. Nope, not kidding.


First fire in the fireplace for the season!

That’s all for now! For more instagrammin’, you can find me there @suzannebrandsen.