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At first glance, I thought that these garden rose blooms were somehow growing out of the begonia (below). I had a mini heart attack & resolved to instantly order one of these magical begonias from anywhere on the planet if I managed to track one down. 

Then I looked closer.. And.. It’s a vase of garden roses. Next to a begonia. Two separate (non-magical) things, just happening to sit next to each other in a photo. And now I think I have an idea of how kids feel when they find out Santa isn’t real.

Time for some Link Love!


Bulldog on a trampoline.

An attic find worth almost a million dollars!

I never knew about yew. But now I dew. Do.

A great round-up of pretty 2013 calendars. I bought this – I liked how absolutely plain it is, and that it’s refillable every year.. But then I saw this & sorta feel like it’s perfect. Conflicted.

Vintage wrapping paper with kitchen tips.

Seed money – that’s a fun idea!

Pink flamingo’s.

Did you know that mistletoe is actually parasitic.. And that it germinates from bird dung? Bird dung??

Ooh! I really want this book. In fact I’m buying it. Right now. Eep!

The guy that wore 70 items of clothing to avoid paying a luggage fee at the airport.. I guess somebody somewhere someday was bound to do it.

Okay! I’m off to sit back, sip my coffee, & enjoy this little Saturday morning while Josh plays racquetball. Sitting & drinking coffee sounds way better to this girl.

Happy January Weekend! Today Doug comes down. And the mantle lights. And maybe even the wreathe on the front door. I am ready.