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Coming out of the holidays, I’m starting to realize that they were a little much for me this year. Holidays can overwhelm, people! This year Josh & I were super busy, and at work (jewelry store!) we were short-staffed with Mom being sick for weeks on end. (Poor Mom!) It was kind of a lot.

What that led to was me “checking out” around this blog & my computer in general (which is probably a good thing).. It also turned into a gift-card giving year to avoid the shopping, and a lack of motivation on a lot of fronts. And too much coffee, if I’m being honest.

But! The last few days have been so refreshing, and I’m feeling much more like myself. I’ve been picking up the camera, editing photos, doing little projects around the house (and by that I mean laundry), and finding some balance again.

So there’s my little progress report.. Now can I show you a little peek of our holiday season?

FireplaceOn Christmas Day we had the first fire of the season in our fireplace. Hoping for lots more just like that one!

Cam - Brandsen ChristmasCam – the cutest little cow ever. He was giggling and coo-ing and melting our hearts.

Cozy Fire

So. Josh bought me a new coffee maker/espresso machine recently. Life will never be the same. Everrrrrr.

Jane - Patten ChristmasOh Jane.

Merry Not all the Christmas decorations made it out this year, but the Merry’s sure did.

Thomas - Patten ChristmasThis may be my favorite photo of Thomas EVER. I can’t get enough of that little face! Who cares if it’s blurry?

Cozy PillowsWhat were your holidays like? Pretty sure the whole “busy” thing is universal.. So I hope that you handled it better than I did!

Happy 2013, guys. Beginnings are so fun – so much to look forward to!