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Hey guys,

I’ve been working on doing a New Year’s photo card to send out & found myself surfing through some blog posts from 2012. I thought it might be fun to re-visit some of them today, since that seems like the thing to do.. Like right now.. Since the end of the year is less than 7 hours away.


Josh wins things. A lot of things.

I made my cat a teepee. In my head this is still the best thing ever. But only in my head.

Random Acts of Kindness from friends & family, celebrating Mom’s 60th birthday.

Peony season.

How I didn’t steal the neighbor’s poppies.

i4D5Ru on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

No IV’s!

Our first niece! Jane Nicole Patten. Oh my word, she should be illegal.

Summer of color.

I love the rolling hills

Pocono Mountains (and a song). We love finding new places to explore.

We're Painting

A reminder to myself to post an update on freshly painted walls.

Mexican Blanket Pile

Big milestone for my parents = big party too!

First Brandsen nephew! Callum Jace Brandsen. Pure joy.

Kansas City Antique Mall

My kind of mall. This has been a big year for our Etsy shop, and places like this are great for research!

2012 has been an absolute treat. Thanks for sticking around this little blog, guys! Happy New Year!