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I haven’t used my camera a whole lot in the past few weeks (unless it’s for shooting photos of Etsy items) but here’s a little bit of what it’s looked like around here lately.

Our street – the Sycamore trees have lost their leaves. This time of year I find myself staring at them and thinking about how weird it is that these giant things coming out of the ground are actually alive. …What, that’s weird? <>  My birthday muffin & coffee  <>  Goodbye, dahlia! <>  Have you ever watched someone do a breathing treatment? This is Cayston, an aerosolized medication that I do three times a day, every other month. I love this medication, & (mostly) credit it for keeping me nice & healthy these past 2-3 years since it came out.  <>  Persimmons on Thanksgiving  <>  String of pearls – I just love ’em  <>  Paperwhites! I always forget to buy the bulbs & start them but I made it on the bandwagon this year. These things grow so fast!