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Driving around KC, I used our GPS as well as my phone for maps/navigation/suggestions/tips. Oh and I brought my laptop with my list of “things to do & places to see” just in case I ran out. It was ridiculous.. And so fun.

There were pretty houses & shops..

Kansas City ShopsDress shops..

Donna's Dress ShopWith thick carpets of pretty leaves in front.

Ginkgo LeavesInteresting architecture downtown (on a moody cloudy day)..

Kansas CityBirds flying & skylines to hover dream catchers in front of..

DreamcatcherChristmas lights up far too soon..

Christmas LightsThe best bbq we’ll probably ever eat..

Starving JoshThe City Market with some leftover green stuff (and upcoming terrarium classes)..

Kansas City Market

The view from our hotel room (no big deal)..

Kansas City SkylineAnnnnnd this happened. Probably our first public kiss since our wedding. Enjoy. *wink*

SkywayI love going on Josh’s work trips with him because it means I get a mini-vacation. And he gets someone to iron his clothes. Win-win.

P.S. Last night we (mostly Josh) found ourselves watching this. Need I say more?