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Oh my word, it’s November. This week we celebrated Josh’s brother Nate’s birthday (Happy birthday, Nate!) and we’re just getting started with holiday plans. I think I’m going to keep the kitchen stocked with cans of pumpkin and lots of cream cheese – because when those two things come together, it’s always a beautiful thing. Right??

Are you guys up for a little Link Love Inspiration today? Hope so..



These photos from San Francisco are sooooo pretty.

Special delivery!

After a storm comes the rainbow.

A very un-pretty rainbow. (Made you look!) (Sorry!)

Buy one of these, help Sandy victims! That NASA print is something else..

The original Grey Gardens. (Ever seen the movie?)

These owl drawings really caught my eye. I love how colorful they are – without looking cartoon-ish. Know what I mean?

Wall murals are (almost) always awesome if you ask me.

An open letter to this country, post-election.

I reeeally want to make one of these posters! <– I put this link here before yesterday’s post. Welp. It’s still true, so I guess I’ll just leave the link here.

There we have it, another weekend already before us! I hope you have a chance to sit back, sip your coffee, and do something fun and dare I say – seasonal – today. This time of year flies by so fast, doesn’t it?

Happy Weekend, Friends!