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Have you ever had an idea stuck in your head and you didn’t really know what to do with it .. until suddenly, you have this big universe-shifting moment where everything’s so clear and you’re just flooded with purpose?

Me too! I’m joining your club. I am flooded with purpose. Whatever that means.

For me it’s these large-scale black & white photo posters. I especially love the botanical prints and am always thrilled to see them, but have never thought beyond that. It wasn’t until I realized that we have a wall vacancy (yup, the fireplace mantel) that I figured out I can make one of these posters using my own photo. And now we’ve entered a whole new realm of universe-shifting.

So. Get a load of this awesome Pinspiration:

Posters - Botanical Prints

Sources: 1/2/3

Gah! I love them all!

Knowing that I’ve seen & loved all of those posters helped me hone in on a few of my own photos to see if I like the thought of them blown up all XL and stuff on our mantel. I’ve narrowed it down to a few (okay, seven) ..


Tree Leaves


Pocono Mountains


One Branch


I (ridiculously) have three favorites .. but I can be easily swayed by public opinion. Which one should I choose??

By the way, while researching this post I ran across this one with some suggestions for printing. Just in case you’re on the oversized universe-shifting b&w train too.

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