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Good morning! Did you all remember to set your clocks back today? I love this time change – the gift of an extra hour is so exciting. You think it’s gonna be an extra hour of sleep.. But is it really ever used for sleeping? 

I have baby presents to wrap for a friend’s shower this afternoon (how many of us will show up an hour early?), so let’s get into some Link Love Inspiration!

Vintage Blue Geode Wall Clock 1960s


A house that’s too skinny to fit a sofa, among other things.

A friendly reminder of why I don’t need to feel like a jerk being a germaphobe living with CF.

Pretty minerals.

Josh & I spent a few hours on the Appalachian trail this summer – and I felt fulfilled (and then some) in that regard. This girl spent 6 months. SIX. And her photos sure are pretty.

Short but sweet love story.

The spookiest house in the neighborhood (according to The Onion).

I believe it!

The Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids had special Halloween visitors..

Vines as Houseplants.

Happy Time Change Weekend, Friends! I hope with your extra hour you were able to sit back, sip your coffee, & enjoy some quiet time this morning.