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Oh hey there! I don’t know about you – but anytime I get a good report at the doctor (and I did on Friday) it means I’m partying. Or shopping. (No, I didn’t neeeed the polka dot pants. But every trip to Ann Arbor for the doctor includes either a “celebratory” shopping trip or a “pick-me-up” shopping trip. You understand. This time it called for polka dots.)

Anyway, the real fun comes this afternoon when I get to go wedding dress shopping with Molly. I’m trying really hard to not make an obnoxious veil for her out of neon tissue paper. Trying.

Ready for some Link Love Inspiration?

Hand-built floating cabin in Perry Creek, on the island of Vinalhaven, Maine.


This photo. And those curtains.

Best planter roundup.

Woah, floral arrangement at the orchard! That thing must’ve been so heavy.

Stylish bracelets.

Stunning wildlife photography – and more where that came from if you follow the links.

This little video is fun to watch. Tricky.

This was a fun surprise! I stumbled upon this write-up of Chris LaPorte’s City Band pencil drawing from ArtPrize this year.

Even I could do this – DIY Christmas gift idea (stocking stuffers?)

An inspiring reason to make corn chowder this week.

A magazine subscription I’m tempted by. But the price? Not so much.

Yep – I’m now sitting back, sipping my coffee, & murdering a cinnamon bagel with cream cheese. Life is good.

Happy Weekend, Friends! Who’s dressing up this week?