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A couple of weeks ago Josh & I updated our phones & took a swan dive into Fancy Phone Land. ย  I’ve been geekily watching tutorials and trying to catch up on the past few years of technology – yep, this has been one of those “things we’re working on“.

I would by lying if I didn’t say that the thing I was most looking forward to was picture sharing overload on Instagram. I’ve never had a phone with a camera worth using before this, and oh gosh it’s fun.

So. The question – what are your favorite apps? (Android, btw) Dish! Also, who should I be following on Instagram – including you?

If you want to follow along with me on Instagram, I’m “suzannebrandsen”. Shocker. I know.

In these photos: A Pinto at the post office, shopping trip to the greenhouse, running errands on a sunny fall day, bringing flowers to Grandma.. Maple leaves – my very favorite, my first instagram photo (of the cat- duh), fancy feather, gemstones at the shop.

P.S. Happy Anniversary to Dad & Mom Brandsen, who celebrated 38 years together yesterday! Love you lots!