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In The GardenRaspberries & YogurtOhhh the garden. I don’t know how it got so ignored this year, but it really did. Not that it cared. The important thing is that the raspberries are still coming. So. Yogurt & raspberries for breakfast. And lunch. And an after-work snack. And maybe a bedtime snack (but probably ice cream instead of yogurt – with chocolate sauce. Right?)

RaspberriesBy the way, did I ever show you a picture of the vines I was so obsessed with this summer? I’m doing this every year. It’s as good as done.

Morning Glory VinesThey’re nothing special – yet – but this was just a trial year so I’m okay with that. Mostly I’m just thrilled with the concept and the potential.

Overgrown TomatoesThe overgrown tomatoes, though, are their own kind of special. They’ve grown a ton even since I took this photo, and I still couldn’t be bothered to tie them up somehow. At least the tomatoes taste good!

Neglected GardenIt really is this weedy, overgrown, and sparse. Yes, there are tomato vines growing along the ground in some places. Yes, I let the wildflowers take over. And the weeds. Yes, the groundhog ate all my herbs and parts of our zucchini plants. No, I don’t plan on letting it become this neglected next year. But I wasn’t planning to this year either. We’re still eating cherry tomatoes by the handful and tons of raspberries, so despite the embarrassing shape the garden’s in, I guess it’s not over yet.