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Vintage Horse Animal Planter

Large Owl Planter

Vintage Animal Planter Collection

Vintage Kangaroo Planter

Vintage Bird PlanterVintage Owl Planter

This is my vintage animal planter collection. I can’t explain what it is that I like about them – they’re silly, a little whimsical, and a few of them are even veering toward the creepy end of things (I’m looking at you, horse head). But they make me laugh. That’s probably what does it.

I’ve collected them for a few years – they’re one thing I always give myself permission to buy in overpriced antique stores. I see lots of them but it’s not often I see one that I like enough to neeeeed. When those ones do come up, I’m sold. I try not to collect things I can’t use, so as you see most of them are really in service around the house somewhere. And for those that aren’t, it’s just a matter of time. *insert evil laugh here*

We do happen to have an animal planter for sale in our shop. Other planters that I really don’t want to sell but still have for sale are here, here, here, here, and here. Wow, that took a turn for the embarrassing. Hoard much?

Thanks for checking out my collection today.. Hopefully these little weirdos made you smile!