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It’s pretty fun to work at a jewelry store. Especially when that means I know when my friends are going to be engaged.. Before they get engaged. But oh my, sometimes that can be a very hard secret to keep. High fives to Brian & Molly for pushing my lying secret-keeping skills to the limit this time around! And. Congratulations! You’re getting MARRIED!

(Yesterday was a pretty exciting day around here)

Ready for some Link Love Inspiration?


October Calendar.

A little girl’s Halloween costume after my own heart.

This photo backdrop is so pretty.

The Crocus of Autumn.

So many dahlias.

18 different party hat ideas. My favorites (about half of them were really my favorites) were the pom poms, felt, and mini hats. Ahhh! Mini hats!

I love these mirrors 100 times over!

The prettiest pumpkin I’ve seen so far this season.

A video of somebody else’s trip to Alaska. It’s all true – the down coats, flannels, jean shorts, icebergs, flower gardens.. What an incredible place.

Balloon Fest 1986 – in Cleveland.

Don’t worry, Mol, I’ll be in charge of the party hats for the wedding. Aren’t you glad you can count on me?

Happy Sunday, Friends! I hope you get a chance this weekend to sit back, sip your coffee, & breathe in that crisp fresh October air.