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What a gorgeous, gorgeous time of year. Seems like every day we’ve had stunning sunrises and hazy pink sunsets. And yet I never really look forward to fall. The truth is this beautiful weather usually goes hand-in-hand with some sort of sniffles, sore throat, or even worse sometimes. This year for me it’s been sinus stuff. And I’m pretty sure I’m not alone..

I brought Abe Lincoln along this morning for a tiny little motivational speech. Such a glass-half-full guy!


Which word one the Best Word Ever contest?


A list of fastest-rising baby names. I’m still shaking my head.

The perfect gift for your penpal!

For those of us who were dis-allowed the use of the word “like” during our teenage years.

Stingray photobomb – horrifying and hilarious at the same time.

Another photobomb – especially funny to me b/c I’ve dealt with the exact same thing while photographing furniture. This week, even.

This photo doesn’t even look real!

These trumpet sculptures look pretty neat.

How not to kill an orchid.

..Did I mention?

Well If Abe Lincoln could look at things in a positive light, that’s good enough for me!

Happy Weekend, Friends! Let’s get out and enjoy this gorgeous weather.