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It’s been five years since we bought our little house, and it’s been exactly that long that I have been majorly regretting the color we chose for the walls in one room. Which, I guess if you think about it isn’t so bad, one room that makes you want to barf out of a whole house? After five years? (work with me)

It’s our smallest bedroom. We use it as an office, and it’s where our former desktop computer used to reside. Yes, it’s true, we were alive when desktops still existed. The paint color was called “Squash”. It’s always been the Squash Room to us. And I am so unbelievably over it.

We're PaintingYou, my friends, are looking at the last piece of Squash this house is EVAH going to see. My word, the power of fresh paint is so under-rated! I went through many replacement color options in my mind, but really the only thing that will ever have our eyes successfully recovering from the Squash attack is fresh, clean white. Yup. No hue here. This room deserves a big fat rest from any pigment possible.

Many thanks to my hired help hunky husband for making this de-Squashing possible. He doesn’t even mind the Squash, doesn’t care much what color our walls are, but is still game for helping me with the painting. I love him.

Maybe when we’re done I’ll do a little “before/after” action, what do you think?