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Well, truth be told I’m not feeling 100% this weekend. Nothing big, just not 100%. Ever have those days? Still, it’s the weekend and I love it just for that.

I did manage to find a little Link Love Inspiration, hopefully there’s something here that makes you smile!


Bottled water is no longer the most ridiculous product out on the market.

Ha! This door sounds like Miles Davis.

What I would give for a beauty micrometer. *sigh*

These photos are so pretty.

She had a tea party with a lobster and a baby hawk. So. This is a good photo.

These lollipops are so cool!

The Deadliest Garden (ironically at Hogwarts)

Did you know that carrots used to be known for being purple before orange?

Tally up!

I’m counting my blessings for sure this morning as I sit back, sip my coffee (which really should be tea), and get ready for church & a potluck with our Care Group from church that we haven’t seen for the whole summer! Wow. Long sentence, horrible grammar, not sorry.

Anyway, Happy Weekend, Friends! What’s yours like this week – projects? getaways? lazy days?