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Happy Labor Day Weekend! I hope you’re filling it with fun and relaxation. We sure are – we stayed home and I had a lovely day of doing almost nothing productive yesterday. Have you ever done that? Makes you feel really good and very lazy at the same time.

Here’s a little Sunday morning Link Love Inspiration!



No, people from the Upper Peninsula aren’t weird at all. Overly proud? Possibly..

I’m a big fan of modesty, but wow.

Woah, wicker.. Woah.

More baby shower decorating ideas.

When I am on Instagram (soon-ish?) I will probably following this little guy.

..Because a regular old doll house would just be so lame..

I’ve never seen fireworks photographed like this!

This kinda makes me want to go back to school. And I had forgotten all about that quote at the bottom!


That “doll house” is still creeping me out. I don’t care when you’re born. No thank you! Welp, I’m gonna sit back for a few more minutes, sip my coffee, and then it’s off to church. Yep. We’re definitely the “late service” kind of people.

Happy Weekend, Friends! Hooray for an extra day!


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