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Selected And Collected

We’ve had our Etsy shop for almost 9 months now, soooo it’s time for a review – the good, the bad, and the bizarre!

Overall as of when I’m writing this, we’ve sold 57 items. We’re really happy with that – it’s been roughly between 1 and 2 items per week. Pretty ideal, actually! The most expensive item we’ve sold was $350, and the least expensive was $2.50. How’s that for range??

When we started our shop, I was trolling through the house looking for things to sell. Now we look for certain types of things when we’re out and about, and we’re always bringing something home from somewhere. It’s been fun since we’ve also been selling the stuff, but every now & then I freak out just the tiniest bit about how much “junk” we’re storing.

One thing I’ve learned is that people will buy anything. Really. I actually tested my theory and listed thisย as my standard for “anything”, and it sold.

It didn’t take long to get the hang of listing items efficiently. We have a little routine – Josh researches/finds the stuff to buy, one or both of us goes to buy it, I photograph the items (in large batches), and I load them onto Etsy to list (most of ) them. We both correspond with people when we get questions, and when items are purchased Josh usually does the packaging. I work right next to a post office, so I usually do the shipping.

We’ve been looking into furniture items recently, and we’re testing the waters with selling vintage furniture in our shop. Shipping is a little complicated, but we’re finding that people can’t get enough of it. We’re actually shipping a couple of chairs to Hong Kong this week, which makes me smile. Great, now we’re gonna start hoarding furniture.


We have had an item arrive to its destination broken, one lost somewhere between Chicago and Australia, and one ongoing postal refund issue happening between here and Singapore. So. It hasn’t been all “roses”, and there have been a few frustrations. The good news is that we limit ourselves to only buying really good buys (so we can make some money!) and we haven’t gone into the red on anything yet. It’s actually been pretty profitable overall!

Our experience with Etsy buyers is that, because everyone is rated according to feedback from previous buyers/sellers, no one wants to leave a situation in a bad spot. Because everyone is vulnerable to “negative” feedback, a resolution that satisfies both parties has always been the goal when something goes wrong. I really like that about Etsy, and it’s probably saved our neck a couple of times.

Selected And Collected on Etsy

So, um.. We’ve got a lot of stuff. And when it sells, we have to mail it. With packaging. And a box. Side note – if you don’t want to become One with your local post office, don’t open an Etsy shop. For many months, our basement was a total disaster. It’s where we store all of our packaging supplies, and every time a box goes out it looks like a styrofoam box exploded down there.

Josh just got everything organized and we now have boxes and packaging supplies up on shelves, along with a workspace to get them ready.


So there you have it! 9 months in and just chugging along. Hopefully this satisfies your curiosity – for those of you who have been asking how this whole thing works. ย We’re still learning as we go!

So what Etsy shops are you into? I love checking out new/different stores.. Leave a link in the comments if you have any to recommend!