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Painting Onesies for Baby Boy

When Josh’s mom & I first talked about our shower for Jenna’s baby, we soon decided it would be fun to paint onesies instead of play games. Then we found out the baby was a boy and suddenly things got tricky.

How in the world are you supposed to decorate a onesie for a baby boy? No hearts? Dots? Flowers? Rainbows? Glitter? This stuff is for artsy fartsy people, not me. And how can I expect 20 other people to get on the bandwagon?

Baby Boy Onesie

I quickly took to the internet. Pinterest, obviously. And while it was helpful, I was a little disappointed in the “Painting Boy Onesies for Dummies” category. Not a lot there. The one tip that I found and ran with was the idea of using painter’s tape to make stripes. Stripes. I can do stripes! So I did a quick trial-run.

Baby Boy Onesie Decorating


The funny thing is, I worried for nothing. These people had it down.

Painting Onesies

There were some pretty crafty ladies in the bunch. I think my personal favorite is six-year-old Betta’s (the long-sleeved one in the photo above). She really worked hard on it.

Baby Boy Onesie Painting

Now Jenna has a stash of onesies in a variety of sizes, so as her little guy grows she can be reminded of different people who love her son. Pretty fun, right?

Baby Boy Whale OnesieHave you ever decorated onesies at a shower before? If so, how did it go for you?