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I have parties on the brain, people. My week has been chock full of tissue paper and I can’t say I’m sorry. Today we’re celebrating our nephew on the way – the first of the next generation of Brandsens! You may remember him from this post..

So let’s get on to the link love, cause I’ve got a shower to go to.


Have you heard about the helium shortage going on? I bet you have if you’ve bought any helium balloons any time recently (hello, price increase!).. How’s this for a way to work around it?

Nellie the Otter Love Stacking Cups.

Put a sophisticated pom-pom on it.

Babies on roller skates, to one of my favorite songs. Remember this commercial? Give it at least 30 seconds & you won’t be sorry.

Draw a stickman. And then do Episode 2.

Imagine how heavenly your kitchen would smell if this was (was/were? help, grammar police!) sitting on your table.

Wow, I used to love making these pies.

This would be Josh’s dream dessert, there is no doubt.

I really don’t understand some of these hats. Especially the “toilet plunger” first one.

Flying Henry. Heehee

Theeeeeeeee cutest collection of baby clothes and stuff. I mean. Wow.

I hope you didn’t just lose 20 minutes on that last link (like I did) – if you did, my apologies. At least you can sit back and sip your coffee while browsing dream baby world, right?

Okay, Friends, happy weekend! Let’s make sure we get a few minutes with a book and a blanket in the backyard this weekend, shall we?