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Yay, it’s Saturday! This weekend Josh & I are camping with my family. It’ll be our first weekend in a tent all year (actually just Josh & I are tenting), and I’m looking forward to the Coleman lantern, flannel sleeping bags, Monopoly Deal, and hopefully some s’more making with Thomas. And some Saturday morning Link Love, obviously.

lake house


I wonder if this would’ve helped us feel less parched during that super hot dry spell last month? (thanks for the link, Erica!)

Well that was unsuccessful!

12 years old and has two types of cancer? This is sad.

The Pros & Cons of Life in the Cloud.

Winners of the National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest 2012  – I especially love  #8 and #9.

Paint By Number furniture.

A photo of a lady in the 1800’s. In her uniform. Her roller derby uniform. Which represented her team – The Black Cats. (I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.)

The Bloombox – ???

As a big time color lover, it’s weird to me that I’m starting to really think this is pretty.

A garden that’s never watered – but still looks pretty.

In a word: Camping.

Can’t say it better than that, can I? All right, I’m off to sit back and hope somebody brought a coffee maker so I can sip my coffee this morning. Pretty sure Mom will make sure it happens – she sees me all the time pre-coffee. Just the other morning on the way to the pool I took the wrong exit off the highway (after 12 years of swimming there) and then almost ran a red light until she reminded me that it was for me. Coffee helps all of this. No one wants to be a danger to others at the campground.

I think it might be time to invest in a tree hammock too. Just sayin’.

Happy weekend, Friends! I hope it’s the greatest!