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This second half of the summer is flying by and I hardly have had the time to go pick the food in the garden that we’ve been waiting all summer for. Funny, it feels familiar.. Sorta like this happens every year?

I’ll take it as a good thing.

Here are some veggies!

Yellow and Green SquashOur zucchini squash have been so good this year. Usually they die from bugs or fungus or something by now but this year the biggest enemy has been a big fat groundhog. And to think I’ve been blaming the bunnies.

ZucchiniThe groundhog doesn’t go for my wildflowers, thankfully. Do any of you keep flowers in your veggie garden? I can’t resist. I especially love how they re-seed every year.

Wildflowers.jpgWe’ve been eating garden salads for a while now – tomatoes & green peppers right out of the backyard. Best ever! We don’t have any lettuce left, although just writing that makes me think I should go plant some since it grows so quick.

Garden SaladAnd! I made pesto for the first time ever. Next year I’m going to grow a ridiculously large amount of basil to make sure that fresh homemade pesto is always available. It’s so much easier than I always thought – and sooooo good.

Homemade PestoI haven’t spent much time watering the back flowers this summer so I’m glad they’re mostly dry-weather lovers. Works for me!

Garden FlowersBut nothing lasts forever. These overripe daisies were so pretty to me that we had our own little photo shoot before they hit the dump pile.