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There’s something I can’t resist about doing a package exchange – so when the Summer Swap showed up on Oh, Hello Friend, was excited to join in. In a way doing the package exchange almost seems like the new version of a pen pal.. Messages are so easy to send these days (although rarely done through mail) that it’s more exciting to send each other presents! And who doesn’t like presents?

This time my partner was Helen, from Bettencourt Chase. She sent the cutest collection of wrapped packages and a really sweet note explaining why she chose each item.

In the packages were stationery, adorable flower earrings, a necklace made from an old book page, and even a pack of ginger candy that she’s been loving this summer.

So fun, right?? And for the record, the ginger candies are really tasty. Something I’d never have tried on my own – so thanks, Helen!

I was worried about the package I sent because that pink thing in the photo below is a painted mirror.. I’ve never seen anything like it and if it would’ve broken in the mail, devastation would inevitably follow. For me, anyway.

Happily, word is that the mirror arrived safely and is a welcome addition to a new art wall going up in Helen’s house.

Thanks for being such a fun exchange partner, Helen! Let’s face it – you’re great.