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You know that feeling you get as you first hit the water when you’re diving in? It’s one of my favorite things. It gives me this jolt of energy and makes me feel like I could swim on forever. If I could capture that feeling and access it whenever I needed to, I’m pretty sure nothing could keep me down – in the pool or not!

This photo reminded me of that feeling. Inspiration. And there’s more too – let’s bring on the Link Love!

It’s still hot hot hot in NYC. We are loving it.


Flowers and herbs together in arrangements. I firmly believe in this.

A girl who loves wallpaper’s Top 10 Favorite Wallpapers of All Time.

A super modern greenhouse in Paris. Those are going to be some stylish bananas.

One of the best ideas I’ve seen in a long time. Who wouldn’t love one of these?

A 5 minute slideshow with audio, telling the story of a 23-year road trip. These photos alone are worth your time.

Did anyone else’s parents ever make them do a half hour of typing tutor before they were allowed to go “online”? If so, this is probably going to be your future. Or present, for all I know.

Russian orphanages getting some serious love. (Hey Mol!)

Survey: Did you inherit the family dishes?

This makes watching the Olympics with neighbors sound super fun.

Which Michigan shirt is your fav?

The down-side to winning an Olympic medal.

“THIS. IS. SPECIAL.” Listen to that horn!

Have any of you been Olympic-watchers this week? I’ve dabbled in them a little, and I have to say that I’m pretty happy that swimming gets lots of prime time time. Heh. It’s pretty much my favorite event to watch, and every time a race starts my stomach clenches up and I can hardly handle the butterflies.

Anyway, I’m off to sit back, sip my coffee, and catch up on some lazy Saturday stuff.

Happy weekend, Friends! I hope it’s a great one.