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More Philly Photos today! (Sorry, not Punxsy Phil, we’ve been there, done that – gah! The Pennsylvania Polka just got me AGAIN..)

Philadelphia Stuff

Reading Terminal Market

Vintage Furniture Shop and Subway Entrance

Pretty Philadelphia Shop

MLS All Stars Game

Vacation essentials – those MLS days turned into pretty late nights, so yeah, that’s a laaaaaarge coffee you’re looking at  <>  What I wish I could’ve brought home from the Market (but settled for a Philly cheesesteak sandwich and was satisfied)  <>  A vintage furniture shop with space issues, the subway entrance  <>  My favorite storefront, I think we probably all know why  <>  Josh & I on the field before the game started. Sorry, ladies, I accidentally deleted the David Beckham photos. But. His cleats were pink.

Thanks for letting me share my Philly-ness with you.. Next time I promise some mountains and waterfalls and one very scary hike.

..About the title of this post? I think I owe you an apology. So sorry. It was an unstoppable thing.