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Great Strides Walk 2012Oh my wooooooooooord! Guys. I got an email yesterday from the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation about their “fresh new look” – which I think is awesome branding – and decided I’d check in at our team page to see if they have our fundraising totals yet from the walk this past May.

Remember this? (Well some of you will anyway)

Team Steppin' UpSuch a good looking group! These awesome people, and all of you who donated online, worked hard to raise money and this year our team total was $2302!! Once again, you blew me away. While you were “blowing away CF”.

Blow Away CFThank you, Friends. I want to be generous like you guys. It’s inspiring.

For more information on the CFF, go here.

For a little background on how I feel about the CFF, go here.