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Friends, I’m loving this here little vacation. Not gonna lie. There’s something about being somewhere new, is there not? Especially when mountains and rivers and cabins and thunderstorms are involved.

Inspiration is around every corner out here, but I’ve stock-piled a few things to share with you guys today.. How about a little Link Love this morning?


This is going to be some seriously happy milk.

Indoor vines – an idea I can definitely get behind.

Botanical tattoos with meaning.

I love this kitchen!

Summer staple.

I’d love to visit all 10.

Dancing on Glacier Point – yikes!

Les Mis. Oh girls. This is our moment.

Natural objects, photographed on white backgrounds. I like this blog.

(I know, you’ve probably had enough of these. But I haven’t!)

Bikes in Amsterdam.

Ahh! Those botanical tattoos! Dancing on Glacier Point! So many adventures, so little time. I will never make time for dancing on Glacier Point, though. Sorry, but it’s true. Feel free to sit back, sip your coffee, & dream of biking in Amsterdam this morning, or whatever else gets you going.

Happy Weekend, Friends! I’ll be back next week with stories. Yay!