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Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon? Josh is flying there as we speak with his students for their summer trip. I didn’t think that I was jealous – long days travelling with 30 students in extreme heat isn’t my idea of fun.. But then I started looking for a photo for this post. And well, it doesn’t look half bad, does it?

I hope they have a great time. That big ol’ canyon is really something.


And now here’s a little Saturday morning Link Love for the rest of us!

This cat.

Watercolor & pencils & embroidery = stunning art!

Josh made me a collage out of bus tickets once.. These ones would be even prettier!

Oh my! Senior citizens lounging 20 feet above ground.

Cool/weird video of a clam eating salt on a table. Yup. You read that right.

Is it possible to cool down with a hot drink?

26 politicians that look like Disney characters – I can’t believe they found an “Ursula”!

Why adopt? (Also, 3 of my beautiful, smiling little cousins are in this video)

This book had me at “hello”.

A floral carpet in Brussels.

Would you eat this sandwich? I can’t wait to try it myself.

Okay, Friends! I’m off to go water the garden. It was an early morning today so I’m glad I got a chance to sit back, sip my coffee, and ease into the weekend.

Happy Weekend! What are you doing for fun today?