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Welcome to our bathroom.

So remember the other day when I was asking for tips on how to make it through the heat? Welp.. I came up with an idea. And it’s just that kind of idea that may make you embarrassed to know me.

Our bathroom window is the only window on the west side of our house that doesn’t have window coverings of some sort. It’s a pretty small room and normally I love all of the natural light that comes pouring in – I can’t bear to cover the window with curtains. Since the window has privacy glass the only function of a curtain is to block light. And, when it gets super hot, to block the heat from light.

If I were to put up a curtain in the bathroom, I luckily have hoarded an entire linen closet full of pretty vintage fabrics waiting for the perfect use. Right down to the perfect size, shape, and colors. Do you see where this is going?

Yup. I taped up a piece of fabric for a window covering. And I actually like it. At least until the heat wave passes and our bathroom returns to previously regulated temperatures.

And that, my Friends, is classy.