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In The Garden

I know, the last thing you need is me droning on about how ridiculously hot and humid it’s been around here (or that rain that isn’t even on the radar yet).. But I wanted to share these photos I took the other morning. It’s kinda like proof of the heat-factor, at least in my head.

The sun had just risen, the light was new, and the day was already scorchin’. I was doing a little garden walk (with my coffee, so, sweating), when I noticed that my first sweet pea was blooming! Yes!

I geekily raced for the camera – and the second that thing hit the great outdoors, the lens completely fogged up. I’ve seen it happen in the winter for reverse reasons, but never due to heat/humidity. It caught me by surprise, that foggy-ness.

So. This is my garden (not the sweet peas, ironically) through a fogged-up lens. I think it’s so pretty this way. Kinda like a dreamy/creepy combo. I hope it gets hot enough to fog my lens again soon – at least for the photos, anyway.

Flower Pots through a Foggy Lens


Black Eyed Susans


Morning Glory