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Umm.. Is anyone else out there sizzling right out of town? It’s hot. So hot. Tell me – what are your tricks for beating the heat? I’m not used to needing them but I’m all ears!

Before we go out and face the heat again this morning let’s take a few minutes for a little Link Love Inspiration..


Did you hear that San Diego’s fireworks accidentally all went off at once?

Mom, please go get Dad and have him look at this link. It’s totally for him.

This reminds me of holding up the leaning Tower of Pisa.

A camera made of zucchini and so much more.

Really, really bad shoes. Even Einstein didn’t know everything.

Fascinating! This pretty flower and a bottom-dwelling fish have the largest genomes in the world. I guess I would’ve assumed that humans did.

For those who still secretly wish they were Kathleen Kelly..

This is the best information I’ve ever read about growing annual poppies – and seeing the ones this guy grew, I’m almost tempted to try this myself.


I think I want to make cushions like this for our rocking chair, which looks almost just like this one. (Mom, I think you know what this means..HELP!)

Okay, I’m off to water the flowers and then we’re headed to church (where, ironically, I’ll be wanting a sweater). I hope your day is full and refreshing!

Happy Sunday, Friends.