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I Love This Guy!

Today is not only Independence Day, but also Josh’s 31st birthday. Fireworks are a must!

I love that I married a guy whose entire spring/summer/fall free time hinges mostly on the wind report on the Lake. Is there enough wind for windsurfing? Are the waves big enough for boogie boarding?

He loves feta cheese as much as I do.

He’s freakishly good at winning things.

Oh and when I step in a big pile of poop in the backyard (no, we don’t have a dog) he takes one look at my traumatized face and goes for the hose and soap. And even sprays my foot down.

He leaves little piles of raspberries on the back step for our resident chipmunk, Chip.

He thinks hanging out with our families is fun, and I think he’s right.

He pays attention to people.

Even when it annoys him, he willingly comes running to kill every last bug I find in the house.

He thinks wearing khaki’s is dressing up and has a soft spot for flannel.

When I asked him what he wants for his birthday, he said, “What I really want is for someone to help me pick all these weeds from our new grass patch.” Weird? Definitely.

But I think I can handle that. Consider it done!

Happy Birthday, Josh! I just really love you.

And to everyone else, Happy 4th of July!