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This week marks a major milestone in my summer – I finally won a battle against the backyard bunnies! It involved raw eggs, milk, tobasco sauce, and cayenne pepper. Official score? Bunnies- 17(ish), Me – 1. But that 1 feels soooo good.

Hey, stop being so jealous of my ridiculously exciting life. How about I distract you from my coolness with some really juicy Link Love Inspiration?

(By the way- this photo. Best colors EVER!)

beach umbrellas photograph  STRIPED BEACH 8x10 photo decor 1930s art deco vintage red aqua yellow coastal


Remember that corpse flower we were watched bloom this spring? Apparently we weren’t the only ones who were so fascinated by these giant stinky flowers.

A southern urban garden that connects students to their past.. Among other things.

Splitscreen: A Love Story.

Can you see my photo?

For Grand Rapids folk: President Gerald Ford graffiti – hidden somewhere in town. Not your average graffiti!

This Coca Cola commercial will definitely make you smile. Until you remember it’s a Coca Cola commercial.

Every kind of homemade popsicle you could imagine. I was feeling a little “meh” about them until I saw blueberry cheesecake. Now they’re speaking my language!

Wow. Talk about a class that I would looove to take! (Except for the wedding factor) it couldn’t be a better fit.

The Breakfast Project makes me want to pay more attention to my breakfast. No more lounging against the kitchen counter as I chug a bowl of crispix down the hatch.

A dinner at the farm has never looked so good. That photography! So inspiring.

At least somebody’s sweet peas are a success. Check out those colors! I’m hooked all over again.

Flower mandalas.

45 animal photobombs – some of these are so funny.

Wow, sorry to hijack your Saturday with too many links this week! I thought about paring it down some but then, what if the one I took out was your favorite? Keep them all!! ..Is it possible to be a link hoarder? I’m gonna sit back, sip my coffee, and think that one through. No one wants to be a link hoarder.

Anyway, happy weekend, Friends! I think I just might break out my rain dance this weekend. As much as we love our hot summer sun, it sure is dry around here.