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This week I’ve been joining in on Poppytalk’s Summer of Color Week. Have you heard of it? It’s basically a chance to upload photos onto Poppytalk’s group page on flickr and also see everyone else’s inspiring shots. Check out that flickr page if you have a few minutes – it’s fun! I often see photo prompts like this but haven’t participated in one yet, and I’m really glad I did. I’m looking forward to doing more prompts like this.

Here are my contributions for the Summer of Color Week:

Monday = Green (actually I didn’t submit it because I was late in the game).

Green Cilantro

Tuesday = Yellow.

Wednesday = Pink – I actually submitted a different photo but I like this one better.

Thursday: Red (and also the day I found out we can submit up to six photos per day). And I just saw that one of my “red” photos was included in their roundup yesterday – thanks, Poppytalk!

Red Thursday for Poppytalk Summer of Color Week

And finally, Friday = Blue.

Windsurfing on Lake Michigan

This was a fun project even though it caught me off guard a little. If I had planned better, I think I would’ve really enjoyed looking for specific photos to take for each color. But digging through the archives was its own kind of fun, so that’s good too.

Anyone else out there do Color Week this week (or ever)? I’d love to see your photos!